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Traveltourkey.com is subject to the condition that you accept the terms, conditions and notices in the contract at the moment your bookings are made when your membership has been created.

With your account you have created along with your membership, you accept any kind of use of information related to your account by yourself.

You also accept the terms, conditions and notices about our using your bookings made online on the website Traveltourkey.com.

If you do not accept these terms, conditions and notices, you cannot have the authority to use this website.

Bookings, Payments, Cancellation, International Transaction Fees

Our purpose as Traveltourkey.com is to offer help to the users in getting legal information about trips, determining available goods and services in buying services, making legal bookings or doing business with suppliers in other ways.

In order to buy available goods and services about information, bookings, travels at traveltourkey.com., you guarantee that you are at least 18 years old and/or you have a legal authority and that you will use this website in accordance with the provisions and conditions stated in the contract.

You accept that you are responsible for the necessary financing (including those at 18 and below that will be with you during your stay; however, including but not limited to the use of your account by others ) to use Traveltourkey.com.

You accept that you will control all the uses of the persons stated to be below 18 under your name or account at Traveltourkey.com. Additionally, you guarantee that the information provided either by you or your family is correct and complete.

You accept that Traveltourkey.com exists to make legal bookings or purchase travelling services, and get information and booking opportunities only for you or any person on behalf of whom you legally have the right to act.

You accept that excess use or misuse of travelling services, information and booking opportunities at Traveltourkey.com can result in the prevention of your access to the website.

Since Traveltourkey.com will send your booking confirmation and information you state in your membership to your email address, the email address that you state in your membership should be a correct e-mail address. Any kind of liability arising due to your incorrect email address belongs to you. Traveltourkey.com has no legal and criminal liability. You will be held responsible for any type of damages.

If our email address that could enable us to contact you is sent to junks or bulk folders, traveltourkey.com does not accept any responsibility for the messages unread by the customers. For our email in your folder in this way, you should prevent this from happening again by using the NotSpam application.

Under any conditions it is prohibited to make any kind of false or fake bookings or bookings made in the expectation of a rise in demand.

The residence you mentioned during your purchasing process on Traveltourkey.com is taken as basis. The hotel reserves right to charge any price difference that may arise due to differences between the information in your passport and your residence.

Traveltourkey.com is available only for legal bookings. The right to cancel a booking which is found to be illegal is reserved.

Fees at Traveltourkey.com are shown in 3 different currencies. If it happens to be any other currency than those placed in the selection part of a possible currency at traveltourkey.com, € (Euro) will used for collection and invoicing. This amount is shown to you before making a payment during your booking procedure.

Since the amount stated for your booking is dealt out of the country you reside, your credit card supplier can invoice you an international transaction fee. You accept that this transaction fee is not collected by traveltourkey.com and that we cannot be held responsible for any kind of transaction fees to be charged by your credit card provider.

The website traveltourkey.com has the right to demand an identity proof or a signed proxy from the credit card holder for the booking/bookings to protect the credit card holder. This application is a security measure which only prevents the use of credit cards by other people with ill-will in a way not to cause any problems.

In case it is determined that the credit card is used by a person who does not have authorization to use it, legal actions will be taken.

You accept that for whatever the reason is Traveltourkey.com shall not be held responsible for the additional expenses that could arise from exchange rates or credit cards and banks.

Different provisions and conditions can be valid for the booking and purchase of goods and services related to the travel you choose.

After the confirmation of your booking related to the travel you have chosen at Traveltourkey.com, your credit card will be charged for the total amount.

Traveltourkey.com will send your invoice for the services such as hotel, flight, and transfer etc to the address you state as your membership information after the service has been carried out.

You accept to obey the rules or limitations stated by Traveltourkey.com and its suppliers about the payment of this amount, availability and use of products or services.

If you violate the terms of purchase of Traveltourkey.com or any suppliers, you accept that your booking or purchase will be cancelled, your access to any kind of flight, hotel or car, transfer will be rejected, your right over the payment you have made for this booking or purchase will be foreclosed and the website Traveltourkey.com will debit your account at Traveltourkey.com for such a violation. You accept that you are completely responsible for the entire charging, fees, taxes and accruals arising from the use of Traveltourkey.com.

Various provisions and conditions are valid about the cancellation of the travel you have chosen. For the booking procedures at Traveltourkey.com , booking cancellation conditions are stated for you on the website. After the confirmation of your booking with the collection, you are assumed to accept the related cancellation conditions, our cancellation policy and cancellation conditions.

Cancellation requests in the form of telephone, fax etc are not accepted for the bookings made at Traveltourkey.com. You should carry out your request for cancellation using your membership.

A request for a change in bookings made at Traveltourkey.com depends on whether there is a vacancy on the new booking date. In case there is availability in the products such as hotel, flight, vehicle etc for the new dates, there can be increases or decreases in your total amount collected. The change that is requested shall be valid when the required payment is made. In case there are more than one change in the booking, Traveltourkey.com reserves the right to get a fee for the changes.

Fees at Traveltourkey.com are subject to the announcements about exchange rates and money fluctuations announced to the public. Traveltourkey.com shall not make any refund regarding the price differences that could arise from the updates in exchange rates in the following days after booking confirmation and invoicing. If this update occurs within the day, the same conditions shall be valid.

If information about exchange rates used at Traveltourkey.com is used for any monetary purposes, Traveltourkey.com recommends the customer to consult a qualified professional about the certainty of exchange rates.

Traveltourkey.com or its suppliers shall not allow the use of this information for any purposes except for personal use and prohibits the reselling, redistribution and use of this information for commercial purposes as comprehensive as possible.

If the main hotel for which booking is made at Traveltourkey.com is closed, overbooking is made or there are maintenance problems and/or it cannot offer the room for which the booking is made, you declare that you accept it is the responsibility of the hotel owner or supplier to find and arrange an alternative accommodation with a similar standard.

In case these suppliers give a prior notice to Traveltourkey.com, you will be contacted by e-mail and provided information about the alternatives.

Traveltourkey.com shall not accept any liability for the damages or expenses that could arise from the change of location without its control.

Hotel Information, Types of Rooms and Special Requests

Traveltourkey.com tries to offer hotel information as correctly as possible. However, we are not responsible for the correctness of this information, the selection of the facilities that is or is not available in the hotel or that can or cannot appeal to your personal tastes and preferences during your stay.

Normal wear or tear can be seen in the hotel and they are out of control of Traveltourkey.com. Hotel management has the right to carry out procedures such as decoration/renovation and maintenance. They can warn Traveltourkey.com or suppliers before doing these works; if such a warning is made, it will be announced on the web site. There can be works such as maintenance, renovation without such a warning; hotel owners or suppliers shall try to minimize this disturbing situation.

Traveltourkey.com shall not accept any responsibility for the damages or accidents caused by hotel management or staff, or any complaints or problems of the customers which are out of its control.

The photographs of the hotel and rooms at Traveltourkey.com are presented to the customers to give them a general idea. Room photos may not belong to the room type you book; they can belong to a different category and they cannot be same as the room booked for you.

Features and decoration of hotel rooms vary from country to country.

The suitability of hotel, flight, vehicle, transfer types and classes for the booking shall be under the responsibility of the person who makes the booking.

There can be limitations or differences in the prices, cancellation and conditions to be applied at the hotels during special occasions such as congresses, fairs, festivals, Christmas, New Year. Traveltourkey.com shall not be held responsible for the situation related to this change.

The room type/types and your special requests (for example, a demand for a nonsmoking room or a double bed etc) are informed to the hotels during booking notifications. However, these requests that vary according to the countries and hotels are evaluated by the hotels depending on the demand; realizing this demand is not under the responsibility of traveltourkey.com.

In your booking, the room type, accommodation and number of persons you state are accepted. The amount of booking does not include the optional details (mini bar use, telephone calls, using a safe and similar services in the hotel ). All extra expenses at the hotel or for similar services are accepted as personal expenses and must be paid directly to the hotel or supplier. Traveltourkey.com shall not be held responsible for these expenses.

It has the right to demand additional fee for the applications such as feasts, dinners, special parties to be carried out at the hotel on special occasions such as congresses, fairs, festivals, Christmas, New Year etc. Hotels and suppliers do not always provide information to traveltourkey.com.about these applications. Hotels or suppliers have the right to collect money for these activities from the booking made. traveltourkey.com shall not be held responsible for these fees.

There is a service fee that is directly demanded by the hotel in some countries and the USA. Traveltourkey.com shall not be responsible for this service fee; we do not have the right to control or intervene that.

Any complaints about the hotel or services shall be informed to Traveltorkey.com in written form within 3 days from the checkout date. Information shall also be given to the hotel management about the complaint during the stay and it should be proved.

Map applications at Traveltourkey.com are presented for the purpose of informing.

Even though Traveltourkey.com tries to present hotel and map information as correctly as possible, it does not accept any responsibility for the correctness of this information or any mistakes and/or omissions. If there is any information that you have doubts about, you can try to directly contact with the hotel to obtain information about location.

Changes in published fees

Traveltourkey.com has the right to correct the prices or mistakes and/or omissions about the services it has published including its suppliers.

If there is a mistake about prices and/or an omission in the booking made, Traveltourkey.com guarantees to help you continue booking over a correct amount, cancel booking or offer products such as an alternative hotel, flight, vehicle etc by checking the vacancies.

Prices used for hotel fees may not be valid for local markets. This type of information can be provided to Traveltourkey.com by the hotel before booking confirmation. For the bookings in such cases, new prices stated by the hotel will be valid and traveltourkey.com shall not be held responsible for this.


As for the refunds to be made, Travelt urkey.com.will make the necessary refund over the invoiced currency for refunds. Therefore, you should select the currency to be collected during booking. Otherwise, Traveltourkey.com shall not be held responsible for the exchange rate differences.


Traveltourkey.com can be in cooperation with the websites operated by a party other than itself. These cooperations can consist of information/bookings etc. Traveltourkey.com does not control this and such web sites and it is not responsible for their content or your using them. Traveltourkey.com’s covering the hyperlinks of this website and similar ones does not mean it approves the materials on these websites or it is linked with their operators.


Traveltourkey.com is intended for your personal and non-commercial use.

Traveltourkey.com uses secure servers to minimize the risk of using credit cards without permission.

It guarantees that your private information (for example, name, address and credit card number) will be protected by the best security applications with the security system we use when transmitted via internet.

The SecureSocketLayer (SSL) technology you use protects the confidentiality and privacy of all procedures. SSL technology encodes the data before transmitting them; thus these data can only be accessed by the authorized buyer.

Accordingly, as a condition of using this website, you accept not to use this website or the content or information for commercial or non-personal purposes (indirectly or directly).

While you copy your travelling program (and the related documents) you have bought using this website in limited numbers, you accept that you will not alter, copy, distribute, transfer, display, reproduce, publish, license any information, software, products or services, create differential businesses by processing them, or sell or resell them.


Traveltourkey.com is a website belonging to Yusuf Ozkan Turizm Danışmanlık ve Limited Şirketi, which provides service in accordance with the Turkish laws. The company operating at the address of Sehit Muhtar Cad. No:57/3 Taksim İstanbul Türkiye is an agency under the Turkish Travel Agencies under A-1751 and is registered with the business activity number 704755. 

Traveltourkey.com does not accept any liability related to a mistake and/or omission and reserves the right to change published information at any time and without a prior notice.