Mission Vision

Our Mission

By following the tourism world which is in the progress, introducing our country's natural, cultural and historical, without conceding from our ethical values, meeting our customers' satisfaction and expectations and to serve them in a modern and high quality way with professional and well educated team.

Our Vision

To welcome our customers in the principle “ first human” and creating values for them; to reply their expectations with quality and steadiness; to be a solution partner, setting the foreground their satisfaction; by setting respect and trust to meet their needs always with same quality and modern way; welcoming their needs convenient for our institutional structure and to be example foundation in our services.

Our Basic Values

- First Human
- Honesty
- Lasting Trust
- Geniality
- Dynamism
- Innovation
- Efficiency
- Respect and responsibility to society
- Modernity
- Rationality
- Creativity

Why Turkey?

- The most important tourism country in the area
- Deep history
- Multicultural society
- Stable and securate country
- Easy to reach
- Alternative touristic locations
- Wonderful Climate
- Low rates advantage
- Luxurious and first class accomodation

Why El Paso Travel Agency?

- Absolute customer satisfaction
- Trust and loyalty
- Experience and high standards in service
- High quality in organizing tours and services.
- Perfection and loyalty
- Structure organized by the discipline
- Cheap accomodation with higher standards
- Our guarantee is to make you pleased