Bosphorus Yacht Tour

A boat tour on the Bosphorus or the dream islands of Istanbul is now more than just a trip ’

It will be an unforgettable moment and a great privilege to spend a day in the blue waters of Marmara with a tirhandil-type boat that is the legend of the Aegean Sea.

Tangerines tirhandil boats, one of which is only a few examples in Turkey, now hit the road for you.

Tirhandil, which has been the choice of sponge hunters for centuries due to its wide and comfortable design in the Aegean, is now offering you the convenience in Mandalina.

Tangerine, Bosphorus blue waters, you will feel like at home.

Two-stage modern and spacious interior hall, different from your bedroom with private bathroom cabins, sea air in the aft pool at the table with your friends to spend a pleasant time, the head of the wind whistles on the comfortable sitting group, large sun terrace and much more modern

It is a dream that will take place in the shade of the giant sailboat.

Yes, our name is Mandalina Evet

Maybe because our tirhandil looks like a tangerine slice ilim

But after the special hours you will spend with us, it will leave the lasting taste of this pleasant fruit in the palate.

Our Turkey captain with 30 years experience in marine navigation and you tour with our crew to be close to your family when you are finished, we are confident that we will arrange appointments for new and enjoyable time.

Mandalina'nưn, Bosphorus and Prince Islands tours, cultural-sized and special music programs will be a surprise you will not really forget.

Mandalina is waiting for you to share your life with an Aegean legend in the blue waters of Marmara.